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This was one of my first VN's and i absolutely adored it and still replay it over and over - are you guys still planning on releasing similar style games like this


Yes! We are working on a sequel right now where you play as the dad raising your kids!  We hope to finish it sometime this year (2018). :-)  You can sign up for our email list or follow us on Facebook for more news!


I really loved the game! Yesterday I had one of the three possible endings, and today I'll try to get a new one.

Really like the concept and the idea!

How do you download this on a Microsoft pc? all it gives you is the installer

You don't want the installer? If you want the source code, you can get it on GitHub. I figured most Windows users would rather have the installer than the standalone... but if you really want a Windows version that doesn't have the installer, you can download that here: